Reasons Why Your Dentist May Recommend a Dental Crown

When you visit a dentist, he or she will recommend any number of dental solutions that will help alleviate any problems you may be having with your teeth. One such solution is the use of dental crowns. A dental crown is simply a cover shaped like a tooth that the dentist will place over an existing tooth. It is sometimes also referred to as a dental cap. Dental crowns are made from metal alloys and ceramics. Your dentist can also recommend porcelain crowns.

Dental crowns are a good solution, especially when you do not want to lose your tooth through extraction. They help your dentist to salvage teeth that are otherwise too damaged to function as they should. Dental caps are therefore a good solution to various dental issues. They help in the following ways:

Protect damaged teeth

When a tooth has severe damage from decay, it becomes very weak and prone to breaking. A dental cap helps to protect the tooth from cracking or breaking off. In the event that the tooth cracks, the crown helps to hold it together and protect it from further damage.

Restore function to a damaged tooth

A damaged tooth will not serve the functions of biting or chewing food. In such a case, it does not serve the purpose it was meant for. A dental crown gives the damaged tooth the surface it needs to bite and chew without further problems.

Helps to hold a filling in place

A damaged tooth may be broken beyond repair with many pieces missing. With a dental cap, it becomes possible to use filling and cover it with a dental crown. Therefore, you do not lose the tooth even if it has significant pieces missing.

Support use of dental bridges and implants

Dental bridges and implants help to fill gaps left behind by extracted or missing teeth. In the case of implants, the dental caps cover them to give them a natural look. No one would ever know there is an implant beneath. The same applies to dental bridges. A dental crown is ideal for the adjacent teeth that hold the bridge in place.

For cosmetic effects

If you have miss-shapen or discolored teeth, a dental crown helps to cover these up to give you a perfect smile. Porcelain has properties that allow the dentist to match the exact color of your other teeth for a perfect look.

You will find many instances where you can use dental crowns. They are ideal for cosmetic purposes to help you end up with a perfect smile. They are also great at protecting weak teeth from further damage. Getting a dental crown also helps in the restoration of teeth function as well as aiding other dental solutions such as bridges and implants.