Reasons Why You Should Opt for This Dental Procedure That Will Help Preserve Your Tooth

Dental procedures have evolved significantly since the first-ever crude dental procedure. The evolution of dentistry comes about from the development in dental technology that makes diagnosis and procedures fast, less painful and more accurate. One contribution this evolution has made is that it becomes easier to preserve teeth and not just extract them every time there is a problem.

One such procedure that has made it possible to save your molar tooth from extraction is root amputation. This procedure involves the surgical removal of the problematic root of a molar tooth. The procedure only targets the root with a problem and leaves the other roots in place. This means you will not lose the tooth to extraction. Opting for this procedure is advisable for the following reasons:

Allows you to retain part of the original tooth

Once you lose a tooth through extraction, a gap remains. This alters the dental formula and may cause additional problems. For starters, it affects how you use your teeth. You will not properly chew your food. This can lead to poor digestion and absorption of nutrients. Losing teeth can also affect your jawline. You end up with bite issues as the lower and upper jaws do not align as they should. Changes in the jaw structure will have an effect on your face as well. Retaining part of your tooth ensures you do not have to deal with these issues that may even affect your looks.

It provides an effective option to deal with various dental issues

The procedure is applicable to various dental issues. It is, therefore, a flexible option you can use in place of tooth extraction. It targets a root that is surrounded by bone defects. Roots also targeted are those that have fractured as well as those that have severe root decay. If the position of the root also threatens neighbouring teeth, then the dental root resection applies as well. It is important to know that the procedure is only possible where the other roots are healthy and in no way compromised. The fact that this procedure provides a viable solution for many dental problems means you can easily overcome challenges that threaten the health of your teeth.

In conclusion, in the face of dental issues, you can have confidence that there is a ready solution to help you avoid tooth extraction. With modern advancement in dentistry, you have an assurance that you can maintain the health of your teeth, gums as well as jawbones. By isolating and removing only the problematic root, this dental procedure helps to maintain the other parts of the teeth, thus avoiding problems that arise from gaps left after tooth extraction.