Reasons Why You Should Fill the Gap Left by an Extracted Tooth

You may need to have your tooth extracted, especially if it has sustained extensive damage from tooth decay and other dental problems. You may also lose your teeth in any other number of ways. When your tooth is out, it will leave a gap where it used to be. Though it may seem harmless, this gap can cause you many other problems later. When you lose a tooth, you need to visit your dentist who will let you know the options you have to fill that gap.
One way to do this is to have the dentist install porcelain fixed bridges that will fill the gap left. These bridges anchor from adjacent teeth with the false tooth in the middle. Getting the bridge is a wise move as it fixes the problems that arise from the gaps. You should get this solution for a number of reasons that include the following.

You fix the shape of your face

The gaps alter the shape of your jawline, which in turn changes the outline of your face. A gap left behind by an extracted tooth interferes with the smooth line of the jaw. This means the face has to take the new shape of the jaw. When this happens, its shape changes. Getting the bridges installed ensures you maintain your natural look.

It helps protect the remaining teeth

A missing tooth alters the arrangement of the remaining teeth. The other teeth lack support and easily shift out of place. This leads to misalignment that compromises the function of the teeth. The teeth also become more vulnerable to defect. Getting the bridges in places to help to protect the other teeth from problems that arise from misalignment.

You improve speech and chewing functions

Your teeth play a big role in how you speak. How you pronounce words is vital as it allows others to understand what you are saying. When you do not have all teeth in place, this can interfere with how you speak. Apart from speech, teeth play a crucial role in food digestion. When you chew food properly, it makes it easy to digest. When teeth become misaligned because of gaps, it affects the bite force you have. Fixed bridges allow you to correct any speech and chewing problems.

Dental fixed bridges help to correct any problems that may arise from gaps left behind by lost teeth. You will gain a lot from getting these in place of your missing teeth. You get to regain the shape of your face as the jawline gets back its smooth outline. You prevent the development of other dental issues that may affect the remaining teeth. Problems such as impaired speech and chewing can arise when gaps are there. The dental bridges help to get rid of these problems.