Here Are 5 Amazing Benefits of Getting a Root Canal

There are several ways of treating a tooth cavity. The method used depends on the extent of the decay in your tooth and the advice given by your dentist. If your cavity is minor, it will be sufficient to get a filling done, and there are several different types of fillings available including amalgam fillings, composite fillings, and even gold fillings. However, if the cavity is extreme, then the alternative would be to extract it or to get a root canal done. If you decide to go for a root canal, there are several benefits that you will enjoy. These are given below.

1. Permanent solution

A root canal is a more permanent solution than fillings. Many fillings tend to get eroded over time, even the stronger ones. The very durable fillings may last for a maximum of fifteen years, but a root canal is known to last a lifetime if it is done well. It will save you money and time if you choose to do a root canal and solve your tooth problem permanently.

2. Limits the spread of bacteria

If your tooth is infected, then there is the risk of the bacteria spreading to other parts of the body including organs like the heart or brain. The bacteria can also infect other teeth, causing multiple cavities. If you choose to do a root canal, the bacteria will be cleaned out completely from the tooth, giving you a clean mouth, free from any infection.

3. You preserve your tooth

A root canal will help to save your natural tooth. The alternative would have been an extraction, and this would have left an unsightly gap in your mouth. Once you have done a root canal, you will continue to enjoy having your tooth. You will also avoid the whole inconvenience of looking for dentures to replace missing teeth.

4. Relief from pain

Having an infected tooth is usually excruciatingly painful. A root canal will solve the issue of pain permanently. Sometimes having a filling may not completely solve the issue of pain because some fillings still cause the tooth to be very sensitive. A root canal is a sure way of getting relief from the pain.

5. Good appearance

Having a root canal will improve your smile and give you a pleasant appearance. If you choose to get the tooth extracted, it will leave you with a gap and this can ruin your smile, especially if it is a tooth close to the front. There will be no missing teeth when you get a root canal and your appearance will remain pleasant.

Having a root canal is recommended by most dentists. It is a sure way of handling extensive tooth decay and you will be able to preserve your natural tooth. It is a long-lasting solution to the common problem of tooth cavities.